Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi
Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Download Skripsi & Tesis Manajemen Bisnis : Pengaruh Heritage Value Terhadap Keputusan Perusahaan Dalam Menggunakan Bangunan Heritage

Download Skripsi & Tesis Manajemen Bisnis

Pengaruh Heritage Value Terhadap Keputusan Perusahaan Dalam Menggunakan Bangunan Heritage (Survey terhadap Pengguna Bangunan Heritage di Kota Bandung)
NIM. 0808138
Ahmad Hudaeby Galihkusumah, NIM 0808138, The Influence of Heritage Value to the Company’s Decision to use Heritage Building (Survey on the User of Heritage Builiding in Bandung), under the guidance of Dr. Agus Rahayu, M.Si and Dr. Vanessa Gaffar, S.E.Ak, MBA.
On entering the age of 200 years, slowly but surely, heritage buildings in the city of Bandung began to disappear. Yet heritage buildings can be utilized as the value of Bandung as a tourist destination. Heritage buildings to take advantage of the business location is one of the best solution in preserving heritage buildings, although of course not any kind of business that fits in the use of the building. The relationship between the values that contained in the building and the values held by business organizations is a must. Cultural values and emotional values which contained in the building must be supported by use value that can be used by business organizations. Those resources which then form what is called as the heritage value of buildings. Descriptive analysis method is used to express the performance level of each variable research.
Verify analytic methods used to assess relationships between research variables and reveals the dominant factors that influence the decisions within the organization using heritage buildings. The unit of analysis in this study is the users who make use of heritage buildings for business locations, which is divided into two groups of respondents. Data analysis is done using analysis of structural equation modeling (SEM analysis). The results revealed that the performance of the research variables, use values and cultural values are still low, even emotional value does not have enough weight to be able to explain the value of heritage. The most powerful indicators that can explain the heritage value is the functional indicator. The decision was perceived by the buyer from price and product reliability, while the tenant, are perceived by price, product reliability, supplier flexibility and the reputation of the leaser, while the influence of heritage value to the purchasing decisions is low.
Keywords : Heritage Value, Organizational Purchase Decision

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