Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi
Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Friday, June 2, 2017

Jasa Buat Skripsi: download Skripsi Hukum Bisnis Syariah:Costumer protection in e-commerce in the perspective of law No.8/1999 on consumer protection and islamic economics: Studi on consumer protection given by tokobagus.com


Dalam e-commerce terdapat beberapa situs yang meneyediakan jasa pemasangan iklan yang menunjang transaksi jual-beli, salah satu situs tersebut adalah Tokobagus.com. Namun, banyak kasus terjadi di Tokobagus.com, diantaranya adalah adanya toko fiktif sehingga barang yang dipesan tidak dikirim kepada konsumen yang telah mengirimkan uang. Selain itu juga ada iklan penjualan bayi yang sempat menghebohkan karena diduga terjadi praktek trafficking, dan sekarang kasus tersebut masih ditangani oleh pihak kepolisian. Dengan latar belakang tersebut penelitian tentang perlindungan konsumen pada Tokobagus.com ini dilakukan.
Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk menjawab pertanyaan mengenai kesesuaian perlindungan konsumen pada Tokobagus.com dengan UU No.8/1999 tentang perlindungan konsumen dan ekonomi Islam. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah agar diketahui adanya kesesuaian atau ketidaksesuaian perlindungan konsumen yang diberikan oleh Tokobagus.com UU No.8/1999 tentang perlindungan konsumen dan ekonomi Islam. Penelitian ini adalah termasuk jenis penelitian normatif, dengan mengumpulkan dan menganalisis data-data dari buku-buku serta sumber-sumber tertulis lainnya. Metode analisis yang digunakan adalah analisis komparatif.
Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah perlindungan konsumen yang diberikan oleh Tokobagus.com masih lemah menurut undang-undang no.8/1999. Hal ini dapat dilihat dari kasus-kasus yang terjadi, kejelasan objek jual beli yang belum terjamin, dan metode verifikasi yang belum sempurna. Dan tentunya hal tersebut belum sepenuhnya sesuai dengan aturan-aturan dalam ekonomi Islam, hal ini dikarenakan dalam metode perlindungan konsumen pada Tokobagus.com belum menerapkan hak khiyar, sehingga barang yang telah dibeli apabila tidak sesuai dengan yang diharapkan oleh pembeli tidak dapat dikembalikan. Hal tersebut terbukti dengan Tokobagus.com belum menyediakan fasilitas rekening bersama.
In e-commerce has many sites that prepare advertisement service, it can support trading transaction. One of sites is Tokobagus.com, many cases happen in Tokobagus.com, such as a fictitious shop, so the goods are ordered not sent to the consumer who already sent money. Beside that, there is advertisement about baby sale that horrendous, because it is presumed as trafficking, and the case is still in process of police. With this background of study the research is about consumer protection on Tokobagus.com is done.
This research is done to answer the questions about the appropriate between consumer protection on Tokobagus.com with Law No.8/1999 concerning consumer protection and Islamic economics. The purpose of this research is to know the existence of the appropriate or inappropriate consumer protection is given by Tokobagus.com and Islamic economics. This research is normative research type, by collecting and analyzes data from books and other literary sources. The analysis method is comparative analysis.

The result of this research is consumer protection given by Tokobagus.com is still weak according to Law No. 8/1999 on consumer protection. It can be seen from the cases that are still happen, object of trading clarity that cannot be guarantee and verification method is not perfect yet, and also it is not appropriate yet with the rules of Islamic economics. Because Tokobagus.com does not apply khiyar right yet. So, the goods are bought cannot be sent back, although inappropriateness with consumer expectation. Because Tokobagus.com still does not have joint account yet.

A.    Background of study
 Business development on cyberspace better known as e-commerce grows rapidly now. There are many sites that provide facilities on-line transactions. Ecommerce is facility used on the internet to conduct business in the form beyond general trading. Usually, the general trading is done in the place where seller and buyer meet physically, but in e-commerce the sellers and the buyers have no need to meet physically, the distance between them does not become the problem anymore. The development of the e-commerce brings many changes to the business activities carried out in the real world. The changes are marked by a number of 2 measures of business activity which was originally based in the real world. It is developed in the virtual world. A good start of the offer by a particular advertising on particular site, negotiation, and payment by transfering money to a bank account and delivery of goods through a particular delivery service. The emergence of special advertising sites such as tokobagus.com, berniaga.com, kaskus.com, etc. add references in the quantity of e-commerce business. The advertising sites use excellent facilities to organize the transactions on the Internet The Internet based e-commerce gives impact on rapid, easy and sophisticated business in global transactions, because there is no limitation in the business. Directly meeting between the seller and the buyer is no longer needed. So it can be said that the sale via e-commerce become one of activities of Indonesian economics. There are no stores which are able to give services to more than hundred thousands people per day except on-line stores. Therefore, many people start to switch their trading strategies to online system ones. One of online stores succeeds in realizing the achievement of more than hundred thousand visitors per day is Tokobagus.com. This success makes many people start to join. There is no need money at all, in joining this site. Advertisement of goods or services on this site will be very helpful in improving your business because the goods or services can be seen by many people, thus the possibility the goods and services to be sold is bigger. 3 E-commerce has existed for seven years and finally had positive results. The surveys on Indonesia Brand Champion Award 2012 conducted by MarkPlus Insight on 10-14 February 2012 in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Medan and Makassar, resulted that Tokobagus.com was The Most Popular Online Shop Brand in the category of commercial segment site. Indonesia Brand Champion Award is an appreciation event involving many industries of technology, communications, information, and digital mobile devices in Indonesia. Beside positive results, there are negative ones to be aware for instance transaction security, because legal guarantee and the transaction security is part of the rules in Act. The negatives results are deviations and manipulations that make consumers loss. More over about the advertisements are not appropriate with its real condition. Consumer loss usually happens on the goods ordered which are not appropriate with the advertisement, and inaccuracies of delivery time as promised. For example, David Talalo’s case who is one of the Tokobagus.com’s consumers. He was fooled when bought a digital SLR camera in Tokobagus.com. This site offered the digital SLR camera uploaded by Charles Zhang at the price of 2,8 millions, the site informs that the advertisement was full address and the name of the store - Miracle Computer Shopping Centre YUKI Suka Ramai 2nd floor no.29 and the phone 4 number 061-76503903. After transferring the money, he did not get the camera delivered and after confirmating it to the store, he found the store was closed.1 The other case happened on December 31, 2012 about trafficking on Tokobagus.com that advertised baby sale. The site advertised two babies who were 18 months old. They were sold by Farkhan for 10 millions per-each.2 The background above indicates that consumers need legal protection in their transactions. In Indonesia, consumer protection was set out in the law no 8/1999 concerning consumer protection. More over Indonesia has the most Muslim people. So the sellers and the buyers are Muslim majority. Islamic economics should be application in consumer protection. It is based on Islamic personality principle. Therefore it is important to conduct research, entitled Consumer Protection In ECommerce In The Perspective Of Law No.8/1999 On Consumer Protection And Islamic Economics (Study On Consumer Protection Given By Tokobagus.Com)”.
B.     Statement of problem
 Based on the background above, the problems proposed in these are:
 1. How is the e-commerce consumer protection given by Tokobagus.com according to the law no 8/1999 on consumer protection?
2. How is the e-commerce consumer protection given by Tokobagus.com according to the Islamic economics? 1 Sabrinafy.wordpress.com Posted by Sabrinafy on 15th of April 2012, accesed on 8th of December 2012 2 Kompas.com , it is accessed on 12thof January 2013 5
C. Purposes of Study
 3. To explain the e-commerce consumer protection given Tokobagus.com according to the law no 8/1999 on consumer protection.
 4. To explain
the e-commerce consumer protection given by Tokobagus.com according to the Islamic economics.
D. Kinds of Data
 1. Primary Data Primary data of this research is the consumer protection law in Indonesia Law No. 8/1999 on consumer protection and Islamic economic jurisprudence, it means fiqh that containes the jurisprudence of islamic economic according to al-Qur’an and hadis. 2. Secondary Data The object of study is the transaction pass through of the most famous advertisement sites in Indonesia, that is Tokobagus.com. This site has a selling mechanism from advertising, negotiation, and selling. And the focus of transaction is indirect transaction, the purchasing and the payment are done by goods delivery and transferring money.
 E. Significance of study
 This research is intended to give the significances that will give benefit to the next generations. The significances from this study are mentioned as follows:
 1. Theoretical Aspect Theoretically, the result of this research can be used to increase the knowledge about the comparison between consumer protection perspectives Law no 8/1999 on consumer protection and consumer protectection given by Tokobagus.com, and also comparing consumer protection in Islamic economic jurisprudence and consumer protection given by Tokobagus.com.

2. Practical Aspect The result of this research can be used as reference by the candidates of Islamic Law expert (Mujtahid) or Sharia Business Law Department and the guidance to implement Islamic law in daily life. Academic intellectual communities of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Islamic State University of Malang, especially those who study at Sharia Faculty and take Sharia business law 

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