Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi
Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jasa Buat Skripsi: download Skripsi al-Ahwal al-Syakhshiyyah:The autis family effort in creating harmonious family: Case study in autis education institute “Aldewiess“ Blitar


Basically, the researcher knows the good of marriage is getting inherit or new generetaion. In the fact, the man who or she can make has married wants to get good inherit who is healt, saleh, salehah, and of course he or she can make her or his parents are happy in the world and the life here after children can make their are happy with high loyality, high religion and also having good intellectual. In addition, the marriage also is too creating harmonious family. Harmonious family is the pilar to create the ideal society wich is able to create inherit. Next, in that society we can find the warmth, love, happiness and quite situation wich can feel by all members of family. Harmonious family also create strong generation because good children only will be born from the family wich has high quality.
Different with the reality. In the fact, there are many families which are fault to create harmonious family, the wish before marriage. Generally, in the marriage and contructing harmonious family have been same as the theory, but in the reality when the family born the children who are hoped, unfortunately there is trouble in their children, namely autis wich is famous in the society. The trouble can make depression for member of family because they must still keep the harmonious of family, still care with that children and do not underestimate with that children in order she or he can survive her or his life as usual or normal children.
This research focuses on the parents effort who have autis children to keep their happiness and also the harmonious of their family.
The data in the research is gotten trough direct interview with the parents who have autis children. That data is primer data and the secondary data is from documentation. All the data are explained detailly because this kind of the research is descriptif research and doing in field than that research is called field research. After getting the data, next the researcher analizes the data with the theory.

The result of the reseach is the researcher can know the efforts which are done by the parents who have autis children to create harmonious family. That efforts are nearer with the God (Allah), giving good education, doing therapist, communicating with the children as the form of care to them, giving motivation in order the children can grow up better, often doing sharing with the family of the family and solve the conflict together. By those efforts. In the fact, parents can create harmonious although their children are autis.

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