Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi
Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Jasa Buat Skripsi: download Skripsi al-Ahwal al-Syakhshiyyah:Marriage advice through facebook to realize sakinah family in Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang.


Bimbingan pernikahan sangat dibutuhkan oleh masyarakat, baik pra maupun pasca nikah. Berdasarkan Peraturan Direktur Jendral Nomor II/491 tahun 2009 menjelaskan setiap calon pengantin harus diberikan kursus calon pengantin. KUA Sukun Malang memberikan bimbingan pernikahan online kepada masyarakat. Hal ini dilakukan karena dana dari pemerintah tidak turun ketika dibutuhkan bimbingan pernikahan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kondisi nyata implementasi dan peran bimbingan pernikahan melalui facebook dalam mewujudkan keluarga sakinah yang dilakukan oleh KUA Sukun Malang.
Jenis Penelitian menggunakan empiric research dengan metode penelitian qualitatif deskriptif. Data primer didapatkan dari wawancara yang dilakukan dengan metode purposive sampling untuk mencari informan. Wawancara dilakukan langsung kepada admin dari facebook KUA Sukun dan wawancara lewat pesan facebook dengan pengikut akun tersebut.
Hasil penelitian yang didapat dibagi menjadi dua point, yaitu implementasi dan peran bimbingan pernikahan melalui akun facebook KUA Sukun dalam mewujudkan keluarga sakinah. Pelaksanaan bimbingan pernikahan melalui facebook di KUA Sukun di operasikan oleh Kepala KUA sendiri. Topik yang disampaikan berdasarkan pada permasalahan pernikahan yang dialami masyarakat dan pengetahuan yang telah dikaji dari kitab munakahat oleh operator. Materi bimbingan pernikahan tersebut diberikan kepada para pengikut facebook setiap hari. Hingga saat ini, Jumlah pengikut dari akun facebook tersebut mencapai 4.073 orang pada bulan November 2016. Bimbingan pernikahan melalui facebook juga membantu usaha masyarakat untuk menwujudkan keluarga sakinah dengan berbagai manfaatnya. Seperti akses lebih mudah, santai dan fleksibel karena tidak harus datang ke KUA secara langsung untuk mendapat bimbingan pernikahan. Selain itu Aksesnya lebih luas, tidak hanya terbatas pada calon pengatin saja, orang belum menikah dan pasangan yang sudah lama menikah bisa mendapatkan bimbingan pernikahan. Upaya KUA Sukun dalam mewujudkan Keluarga Sakinah ini dapat dirasakan oleh para pengikut facebook karena tidak hanya mendapatkan bimbingan pernikahan saja tetapi dapat konsultasi seputar permasalahan dalam pernikahan dan rumah tangga juga.
Marriage Advice is very needed by society whether after or before having marriage. Based on Regulation of General Director Number II/491 in 2009, it explains that every future bride and groom has to be given a training of being future bride and groom. KUA Sukun Malang gives online marriage advice to the society. It is because there is no funding from government when the counseling is needed. This study aims to know the real condition of implementation and role of marriage advice through facebook by KUA Sukun Malang to society.
This study uses empiric research with descriptive qualitative research method. The primary data of this study are gotten from an interview which is done through purposive sampling method to find the informants. The interview is directly done by the admin of facebook in KUA Sukun and interviewing through facebook messenger with the followers of the account.

The result of this study divide by two point, implementasion and role of marriage advice through KUA Sukun facebook account in society. Marriage advice through facebook in KUA Sukun is operated by the Chief of KUA Sukun. The topic which will be delivered is based on the marriage problem faced by the society and the knowledge which has been studied from book of old scholars by the admin. The marriage advice material is given to the facebook followers in every day. Therefore, the numbers of followers from the facebook account are 4.073 people in Desember 2016. The marriage advice through facebook get many benefits to the KUA Sukun facebook followers, such as the access becomes easier, more enjoy, and more flexible since they do not need to go to KUA directly to get the marriage advice. Moreover, the access is wider not only limited for the future bride and groom; unmarried people and the couple who have been married for long time can get the marriage advice. KUA Sukun’s effort in achieving the harmonious family can be felt by the facebook followers because they do not only get the marriage advice but also get the counseling about marriage and household problems.

A.    Background of Research
In the Holy Qur'an, Allah SWT explain about live pairs is human nature, such as His word O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women. Be careful of your duty toward Allah in Whom ye claim (your rights) of one another, and toward the wombs (that bare you). Lo! Allah hath been a watcher over you. ( An-Nisaa': 1). Empowered with the hadiths on the Shahih al-Bukhari ( From Abdurrahman bin Yazid he said: I came to meet Abdullah with Alqamah and Al-Aswad. Abdullah said: "we live together with the Prophets Shallallahu alaihi wa sallam when we are still young and poor. The Messenger Shallallahu alaihi wa sallam replied to us:"O youth, anyone among you who has the ability to marry, let him married; because married more subdued views and more keep testicles. Now for anyone who has not yet been able to marry, let him fast; because the fast was sinkers him syahwat" (Narrated by Bukhori). 1 On Article 1 Act No.1 1974 on marriage mentioned: Inner and outer bond between a man and a woman as husband and wife with the aim of forming (households) a happy and everlasting based on God. 2 In Article 2 Kompilasi Hukum Islam in Indonesia also gave understanding of marriage, there are: Marriage according to Islamic law is a very strong agreement or miitsaqon gholiidhon to obey God's command and execute the worship. 3 Every marriage must write to realize conduct of marriage, such as on Article 5 Kompilasi Hukum Islam in Indonesia: 4 (1) In order to secure the order of marriage for Muslims every marriage must be recorded. 1 Abu Abdilah Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Bukhari, Terjemah Sahih Bukhari, by H. Zainuddin, (Jakarta:Wijaya,1969), p. 34 2 Act number 1 1974 on Marriage 3 Departemen Agama RI, Kompilasi Hukum Islam di Indonesia, (Jakarta; Direktorat Jenderal Pembinaan Kelembagaan Agama Islam, 1997) 4 Departemen Agama RI, Kompilasi Hukum Islam di Indonesia, Kompilasi Hukum Islam di Indonesia 3 (2) The marriage registration in Paragraph (1), conducted by the Employee Registrar of Marriage as stipulated in Law No. 22 Year 1946 jo Law No. 32 of 1954. Then formed Kantor Urusan Agama (KUA), a work unit to help Kementrian Agama handle tasks in the Islamic religion field in sub-region (Kecamatan). 5 KUA as a leading work unit directly confront society especially that requires Religious Affairs. Its existence is very urgent need along with existence of Religion Ministry of Indonesia. KUA realize the him purposes with various perform activity, there are good administrative service, counseling and guidance of religion affairs. That effort is not only by seminar, learning or face to face only, Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang has innovative enough to perform marriage advice. Using the internet-based social media sophistication, Kantor Urusan Agama made some social media account for given more knowledge in society about guidance of marriage, for example on a Kantor Urusan Agama Facebook Sukun Malang city mentioned that: Ibnu Mas'ud said, "Find the wealth with married ." Abu Bakr Ash-Shiddiq 'radhiallahu anhu once said, "Obey the God command to marry, Surely God will fulfill his promise to you to give the adequacy." َوال َّصاِل ِحي َن ِم ْن ِعبَاِد ُكْم َمى ِمن ُكْم يَا ْألَ ن ِك ُحوا ا َ أ َو ِ َوإ ُك َمآئِ ِن يَ َء يُ ْغِن ُكْم إ َرآ ِهُم هللاُ ونُوا فُقَ ٌم َوا ِس ٌع َعِلي َوهللاُ ِمن فَ ْضِل ِه 5 Https://web.Facebook.com/kuasukunmalang/photos/a.400857270100201.1073741827.3996193 60223992/413531668832761/?type=3.Accessed on 04 November 2015 4 And marry those who alone among you and those who should be (married) from your woman slaves. If they were poor, Allah will give ability for them from Allah gifts. And Allah knoweth all things." (An-Nuur: 32)6 Thats mentions are explain married will make a person given wealth or adequacy in his life. Thus the message from one of posts is packaged in picture form in Facebook account owned by Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang named KUA Sukun Kota Malang. Posting which mentioned directly giving lessons to followers or friends from the account. Not only lessons about pre marriage, things that related with fiqh marriage untill administration site to list of married in KUA to become the general studies in the account. Like conditions of marriage in oversea7 packaged in the picture also become interesting to see. Now, followers or friends of the account owned by Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang has reached 3.934 people in November 2016, that is a fantastic follower count. Actually KUA Sukun not share in Facebook account only, there is also a Twitter account named is KUA Sukun Malang8 and instagram with name kuasukunmalang.9 But this moment, researcher will use Facebook account of KUA Sukun only as object research because that is more new mentions and more follower then others. As we know Facebook site become more famous and have power to influence society. https://instagram.com/kuasukunmalang/ kuasukunmalang account name. Accessed on 2015 5 Users come from among the political elite too, national figures, DPR, activists or other important people. Indonesian society ever make a public opinion through Facebook, occurred in early November 2009, where the support of Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra Hamzah release reached 1 million support until get attention of government. It also became one of the factors finally Bibit and Chandra released. On the one hand, Facebook is a sign of civil society strength rise in influence policy and decision of government. The support can be interpreted also based on the whisperings of conscience. There also seen that the community analytics should be counted because people know and monitor steps taken by government. Thus government and all the state institutions warned to always act honestly and never use deceit on community. However ferociously Facebook, need to remember that accuracies could not believe to 100 percent. Mass media act as a public opinion shaper can still function and more credible than Facebook. It is only fair, if government more afraid on the mass media for the press is the fourth pillar of this country (the fourth estates). If the government has good intentions, actually Facebook can also be used to give political education, through "spaces" discussion provided by Facebook. Social networking site has proved that he can be used in campaign like Barrack Obama campaign. Thus, all policies and decisions made by government can be directly known and commented on by the public through the Facebook.10 10 Purwaningtyas. https:// elisabetyas.wordpress.com /2009/12/14/ pengaruh- Facebook -dalammembentuk-opini-publik/. Post by elisabetyas on December 14, 2009. Accessed on 01 July 2016 6 In this case, Kantor Urusan Agama provides knowledge to social media consumer especially for young people about marriage education and marriage registration administration until Sakinah Family learning in Kantor Urusan Agama thought Facebook. Researchers hope this research is not only requirements to get bachelor of law degree, but researchers expect this research can be a recent innovation of marriage guidance surrounding the rules and other things need to be notice about marriage by Kantor Urusan Agama. This is important thing, cause the Kantor Urusan Agama is pion forefront of Religion Ministry, perform some tasks in the religion problems in the sub-region, especially about marriage. B. Statement of Problem Looking at the background above, collected a few core of problem, as follows: a. How is the implementation of marriage advice through facebook in Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang? b. How is the role of marriage advice through facebook in Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang? C. Significance of Research Purpose of research is answer main problem was formulated above, as follows: 1. To know implementation of marriage advice through facebook in Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang. 7 2. To know role of marriage advice through facebook to realize Sakinah Family in Kantor Urusan Agama Sukun Malang. D. Benefits of Research Researcher hope this research can be useful to all parties who need to research interests, academic and knowledge for the general public, specifically benefits of this research is divided into two namely: 1. Theoretical Benefits a. This research expected can be used as a knowledge about the best way of marriage advice by Kantor Urusan Agama to realize Sakinah Family. b. This research contributes in thought about scholarly of marriage advice in Kantor Urusan Agama. c. The latest formulation can optimize marriage advice in Kantor Urusan Agama. 2. Practical Benefits This research not only for requirements bachelor of law degree in Islamic law namely S.H for researchers will be, there are some benefits that more important including: a. Became an innovations of marriage advice in Kantor Urusan Agama. b. As learning materials for practitioners in Kantor Urusan Agama
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