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Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi
Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Monday, July 30, 2012

Download Skripsi Psikologi: Hubungan Antara Tingkat Partisipasi Dalam Aktivitas Organisasi Kemahasiswaan

This study was due to the fact that a number of former activists of university students’ board have high confidence and appear to be great figures in the government of the Republic of Indonesia.This study was aimed to examine whether there is a significant of relationship between participation level and self-efficacy on students joining university students’ board.  The method employed is quantitative approach with descriptive correlational method and the sampling technique used is sample random sampling.Inthis study, thestudy populationismembers of theBEMRemaUPI 2012, while thestudy sampleengaged were 48people. The data was collectedbydistributingquestionnairesto members of theBEMUPIRema2012, and the dataanalysisusedPearson's product moment. The process of statisticaldata used SPSS17forWindows. The results indicatethat there is a positiverelationshipbetweenthe level ofparticipationin university students’ boardandself-efficacyon studentswitha correlation valuewas0.574(medium), andcoefficient of determinationwas32.9%. Thus,the contribution of students’participationinuniversity students’ board totheirself-efficacy is32.9%.
Daftar Isi s_psi_054526_table_of_content.pdf
Bab I s_psi_054526_chapter1.pdf
Bab II s_psi_054526_chapter2.pdf
Bab III s_psi_054526_chapter3.pdf
Bab IV s_psi_054526_chapter4.pdf
Bab V s_psi_054526_chapter5.pdf
Daftar Pustaka s_psi_054526_bibliography.pdf

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