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Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi
Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Download Skripsi Psikologi: Hubungan Antara Budaya Organisasi Dengan Motivasi Kerja

This research aimed not only to know how the organizational culture and civil servants motivation to work generally portray, but also toknow whether there is any significant relationship between organizational culture with the motivation to work. Population of this research is all employees in BKPPD with 36 participants as its sample who meet the research requirements. The sampling technique used in this method was saturated sampling. The research method was descriptive correlational research method with technique, where the hypothesis was tested by the Nonparametric statistic using Spearman rank correlational testing method and the significancy level was 5%. From the results of the study note that most of the employees in BKPPD positively received organizational culture. In addition most of the employees in BKPPD also has a high motivation to work. The significant between the organizational culture with motivation to work with the correlation coefficient at 0,454 this means hiring more positive the organizational culture of the higher work motivation.
Daftar Isi s_psi_055000_table_of_content.pdf
Bab I s_psi_055000_chapter1.pdf
Bab II s_psi_055000_chapter2.pdf
Bab III s_psi_055000_chapter3.pdf
Bab IV s_psi_055000_chapter4.pdf
Bab V s_psi_055000_chapter5.pdf
Daftar Pustaka s_psi_055000_bibliorgraphy.pdf

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