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Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi
Jasa Pembuatan Skripsi

Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Download ebook & Makalah : Writing1

Free Download ebook & Makalah
Table of Contents
Unit 1 Writing by using verb tobe (is, am, are) and verbs
unit 2 Writing by using tense application and sentence correction
Unit 3 Writing by using punctuations and capital Letters
Unit 4 Writing by using connectors
Unit 5 Writing by using too, either, reduced clauses
Unit 6 Writing by using some and any, much and many, a few and a little, little, relative pronouns (who, whom, which) and reported speech
Unit 7 Free Writing
Unit 8 Writing by using correct sentence construction
Unit 9 Writing by using pronouns, time sequence, sentence building, tenses
Unit 10 Writing by using passive voice, auxilliaries
Unit 11 Writing by using conditional sentences, participles, gerunds, infinitives
Unit 12 Writing by using preposition, phrasal verbs, sentence correction

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Young Professor said...

ngik... ada yg versi ga dipotong2 ga? capek nih gan donlotnya

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